Label Printers

Label Printers

If your business requires printing of labels and barcodes, then you must think of investing on the best label printers in the market. There are many manufacturers who have some excellent label printers with ergonomic designs and features which are worth your investment. Whether you are a small or a medium business, you get all kinds of label and barcode printers for all your business needs.

There are entry level, medium duty and heavy duty industrial class label printers. You also get specialty models for various applications. They all defer in resolution. From 200, 300, 400 or even 600 dpi, you can choose the barcode or label printer that suits your requirements and budget. These printers easily interface with leafing ERPs like SAP.

There are black and white and color label printers available in the market. If your business requires colored applications then you can get full color graphics, photos, text, labels and barcode printers. They come in large resolutions to give you the perfect image and have millions of color combinations to get you the color you want.

One of the popular label printers is Zebra LP2844. It’s a compact machine which saves you a lot of desk space. It is only 4.09” (104mm). It’s perfect for desk-top labeling which is currently quite in demand these days. It has a double wall ABS casing which makes it sturdy and durable. It is very efficient that integrates into variety of printing applications. So whether you are in healthcare, inventory control, medical laboratory or shipping and receiving, Zebra LP2844 is ideal for any type of business.

It is also great for e-commerce postage. It comes with a serial, parallel and USB interface which makes it ideal for any kind of application. It also comprises of an Optional internal Ethernet. What can be better than Zebra which is quite affordable, flexible and very efficient. It comes with a download manual, download printer driver, and product brochure. You can get them in any leading retail store or you can easily purchase them online at discounted prices.

Most label printers like Zebra LP2844 are quite user-friendly. It always makes sense to buy your printers from reliable sources. Make sure you buy a reputed brand so that you can use them for longer period of time without any complaints. If your business requires various printing applications, then a multi-functional label printer with seamless application integration s a must.

Label printers typically print on self-adhesive materials or tags which can be easily torn off and stuck on your product. If you are using a stand alone label printer then they come with built-in keyboards and display monitors which do not require a computer. Label printers are quite different from regular printers. They need special instructions that need to be fed into the system; they also need special tear sheets or rolled stock. They use various wireless connectivity such as Ethernet, RS-232 series, Universal serial bus and more. It depends on which brand or model of label printer you are using.

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