Plastic Card Printers

Plastic Card Printers

Plastic card printers are today used for printing cards for use in agencies, schools, businesses and organizations. Different printers from different companies like Zebra, Fargo and Nisca offer various features for various uses.

Before you buy any plastic card printer, there are a few points to consider. The first thing to consider is if the printer will be used for heavy duty or light duty printing jobs. Generally, heavy duty plastic card printers need to have more features than those used for light duty jobs as they need more colors, security and perfection in the manufacture of cards.

Check if the plastic card printers offer features like color options, single or double sided printing, security code options and other similar features. Single sided printing is sufficient for use in a school or agency as it offers minimal features and is sufficient for students to swipe their IDs at cafeterias, during entertainment events and perhaps even at entrances of secured areas.

Holographic cards are difficult to change
Double sided badges created by plastic card printers come with extra security features and are best suited as smart cards, magnetic striping and proximity badges and holograms.

Plastic card printers that product smart and proximity badges react to radio waves, without the user needing to swipe the badge. Magnetic striping is used in cards for schools and other places with moderate security levels where stolen identities are not that dangerous.

Holographic cards offer a very advanced form of security as they are processed by overlaying holographic materials on the picture, through the laminate. Thieves thus find it very difficult to change or steal picture IDs with holograms.

Security of the plastic card printer
Besides providing security to the cards, plastic card printers also have its own security features. It has lock features wherein you can access the printer only by using its designated code. This makes it difficult for any tampering and forging of codes or stamps on the cards, by outsiders.

Another point you have to consider while buying plastic card printers is the color possibilities it offers. While some systems offer full color images, some of them only offer a single color image. Naturally, the monochromatic printer is less expensive than plastic card printers offering full color options.

Plastic card printers come with all accessories
Large institutions generally require plastic card printers with full color options to create cards where emphasis is on branding with the organization’s colors, and not necessarily on security. Even schools, hospitals and other institutions where security is not an important feature may require color printers to maintain its brand or logo.

Usually, plastic card printers come with everything you need to start making badges immediately like ink cartridges, software and blank cards. Some even have cameras for photo IDs, if required.

There are various companies offering different brands and models of plastic card printers in the market today. Some of the better plastic card printers you can consider buying for making cards in your institution are the Zebra VP120, Fargo DTC 550 and Nisca PR5300.

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