Portable Data Terminals

Portable Data Terminals

There is no denying that technology has reached new heights. It has invented such amazing devices that surprise us each time it hits the market. All these devices work on one principle-that is to make our lives even more convenient and easy. Most of these advents can be used in all aspects of our lives while some of them are for specific areas.

One such technological marvel is Portable Data Terminals or PDTs. Are compact devices which are used to enter and retrieve data from wireless transmissions such as WLAN or WWAN. These electronic devices are used in many hospitality or leisure industries where merchants need to take sensitive information such as their customer’s credit card numbers for making a payment for their purchase.

Portable data terminals can also be used as barcode readers. These types of barcode scanners are used in most large stores, warehouses, and other establishments where they need to read the barcodes of thousands of products. They get access to this information through a database from a remote location.

Portable data terminals work on a wireless concept where they are able to access data by interacting with a database which is hosted on a server or mainframe computer. These types of devices are typically used in large organizations where there are tons of data to be retrieved from a database. These PDTs retrieve the data within seconds.

Nowadays, even small and medium size businesses use portable data terminals to make them more efficient. These devices come in compact ergonomic designs with excellent features. These portable data terminals are very durable and reliable. One such brand is Denso 8044D which is equipped with advanced scanning system that can recognize wide, high density or even low-OCS labels with ease.

Denso 8044D has a small compact boy which is space-saving yet it has a comfortably large 180x64 dot display which makes it easier to read data. You can also reconfigure the display to meet your specific needs. This can be done by its advanced layout function which can be used to customize your display for easy understanding. It has large keys which are convenient to use plus trigger switches on both sides for easy operation. For a compact body, Denso 8044D has wide keys which help in easy typing.

Denso 8044D is excellent data terminals for all kinds of businesses. It uses a wired connectivity with RS-232 interface. They have a LED display for easy viewing and a linear CCD sensor which can read all kinds of barcodes.

Portable data terminals can be used in offices, retail stores or even high-traffic warehouse environments. There are many brands that manufacture portable data terminals with different features. You need to choose the one that suits your requirements and applications.

Wasp Barcode Technologies also have great portable data terminals with excellent features. They are very durable and reliable. Some of their models are WDT3200, WDT2200 and WPA200. Nowadays you get portable data terminals with rugged, ergonomic designs that suit all kinds of businesses.

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