Pricemarkers/Hand Labellers

Pricemarkers/Hand Labellers

If you are in a business where you need to tag your products with price, quantity or any other product detail then its likely you would need Pricemarkers/hand labelers. Price markers are hand held devices which helps in tagging the products through stickers. The stickers can be of various sizes depending on the pricemarker model. Usually a sticker can be one, two or three rows long. These stickers contain price, product code and other product related information. This is becoming very popular in fruits and vegetable industries.

While Pricemarkers are devices that stick tags to a product, hand labelers labels your product with price tags and other types of tags mentioning the size or description of the product. Ever seen couple of tags hanging near the collar of the shirt or top you buy from a boutique? These tags are either made of cardboard paper or plastic. Sometimes they are laminated. The hand labeler pins these tags to the clothes with a special mechanism without damaging the product.

Hand labelers are popular in clothing and garment industries. Pricemarkers/hand labelers are essential for any retail or whole sale business which sells products such as fruits, vegetables or clothing. Hand labelers come in various models. You can choose from tagging guns and pins, pneumatic tags or fastening tags. These tags are usually on the collar of the garment.

Pricemarkers/hand labelers are very easy to use. This is a manual process so there is labor involved. But in large warehouse environments, tagging and labeling is done mechanically. The best part about pricemarkers/hand labelers is that they can print alphabets, numbers as well as alphanumeric characters on the product.

Pricemarkers/hand labelers are effective tools for merchandize identification. They are great for coding or batch numbering in warehouses, distribution centers and even in retail storage rooms. They are also quite versatile devices used in various applications in labeling department of your business.

Pricemarkers/hand labelers come in different combinations of fixed and sequential digits which enables each product to have unique identification numbers. In case you want to have a price tag on a series of same products then you get pricemarkers and hand labelers which produce same price tags for all the products.

You also get date coders for date marking. It usually has a 7-digit one-line labeler. You can get two or three-line labelers that also marks price, manufacturing and expiration date and product code on one label. Make sure you buy good quality pricemarkers/hand labelers so that the information on the label is clear to the customer. It also helps the barcode scanners to recognize the labels with ease.

One of the best pricemarkers and hand labelers in the market is the Checkpoint Meto labelers. This brand is widely used by small and large business environments alike. They work meticulously in all kinds of products. They come in various models and sizes. These pricemarkers/hand labelers vouch to produce good quality labels which are easily readable by your customers. Your staff will enjoy using these devices are they are very simple to operate.

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