Receipt Printers

Receipt Printers

Any retail business would need a receipt printer as an essential inventory along with other items. There are so many choices of receipt printers out there that it can be quite a daunting task to choose the right one for your business. But you need to do a bit of R &D before you select a receipt printer. First of all you should know your requirements and what kind of receipts are you going to print in your business environment. This will make your task much easier to pick up the right printer for your business.

There are typically three types of receipt printers.

Thermal printers: these printers are undeniably the most popular choice of receipt printers in most business environments. The reason being, these printers are very user-friendly, efficient and economical. They are the fastest receipt printers available today which makes it perfect for high turnover environments such as supermarkets. They do not use inks and ribbons for printing which cuts down on inventory costs for the business. The printer works on thermal technology where the paper used in the printer is chemically treated which is sensitive to heat. The printer heats the paper via the printer head which is capable of creating texts and graphics.

Impact printers: these printers are very similar to typewriters. They use the ribbons to create texts on the paper. The impact mechanism stamps the characters to the paper via the ribbon. Some impact printers use ink embedded microcapsules which bursts upon impact thereby creating the character to print on paper. These types of receipt printers do not require ribbons. These printers are quite noisy and slower than thermal printers. These where very popular in office environments but now they are slowly being replaced by thermal printers as they are much faster. But impact printers are still being used in banking and gaming industry. It has a dominant presence in restaurant kitchens as the thermal printers do work well there because of excess heat.

Inkjet receipt printers: these printers use inks and produce better quality printing compared to impact printers. They use ink cartridges of normally two colors of black, green, blue or red. These printers are mainly used in creative organizations such as advertising, where the user can print colorful graphic images and texts for advertisements on promotional receipts. But these types of receipt printers are not very popular because they operate at a slow pace which is not suitable for many retail outlets. Plus the changing of ink cartridges to produce different color combinations or when they run out can be quite a hassle.

There are numerous brands that manufacture all three types of printers. But one of the popular brands for receipt printers is Epson. The Epson TMT88IV model in particular is a perfect solution for high turnover business environments. They produce receipts quickly and quietly. You can use the drop in paper loading method, the tear bar or the auto cutter for printing receipts. It prints both text and graphics with two colors at 8” per second. You get them in various interfaces including the wireless option which is very popular in hospitality business environments.

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