Sato - Sato PB3-416 - Price Gun one Line

A well designed, beautifully engineered hand labeller capable of meeting a variety of price, date, dispatch, security and coding applications. Especially suitable for price markdowns!

The PB3-416 is ideal for use in the manufacturing and food processing industries as well as in retail shops and supermarkets. Capable of printing 3 lines with up to 36 available characters, letters and numbers, the PB3-416 can produce a wide range of information for your labels. These could include discounted prices, weight, size, date, product code and lot numbers. With two colour printing and bold, clear fonts, this hand labeller is a must for any busy, time conscious, professional business.

Designed to be comfortable to hold and use for longer periods, it is easy to load and to use and is an effective, efficient and reliable price gun.

Technically speaking.....

  • 6, 8, 10 & 12 characters per line
  • S, M, XL & G fonts
  • Label sizes: 30 mm x 41.6

Call us today to find out how the Sato PB3-416 3 line hand labeller could improve the efficiency of your pricing, coding and labelling applications!!!!

Only 175.50 (excluding Vat)